Monday, January 31, 2011

Oops on the ballot slip

So Marc and I are at the 2011 LDS Film Festival trying to watch good and bad movies with pure intent.
We have three we need to see so I can write about them for The Deseret News but our pass allows us access to the whole four days of flicks so we try to find a few others we ought to view.
Unfortunately, one of those we chose was "Start With Nothing," a horrendous little show about this guy who wanted to get this girl's attention at a fast food joint.
The acting was wooden beyond belief. (Can you say fossilized?)
The storyline was weak at best and it moved ponderously slowly even though the producers threw in just about every story device they could think of to jazz it up.
The hero is a nerd who cannot believe the pretty carhop likes him for who he is. His stupid best friend tells him the way to win her heart is with an Ipod.
This precocious little girl who must have been the producer's child comes up with a trade-for-what-you-want scheme that has everybody trading someone else for odd items: c'mon, a laptop for a hand-held video game? A screwdriver for a prom dress? Never mind that the precocious little girl isn't cute or appealing.
The complicated ballot
The drinks get spilled. The food ends up on the waitress. The waitress spits on the sandwich -- really a revolting little scene. The manager keeps yelling at the waitress for goofing off but becomes the kindly, old grandfather toward the end.
If I were he, I'd be upset that she NEVER collects any money for her orders.
The wigged-out mother comes by to find her son who should be studying at the library. She's white and he's Latino but then maybe he's adopted.
The cars are traded all around like we, the audience, would believe kids, brothers and parents wouldn't mind if their shiny car was lent to a complete teenage-stranger. Somebody throws up. Somebody else drinks too much of Joe's special sauce. (Don't ask.)
The point is, it is a really badly done movie and so at the end, I happily ripped my voting slip, giving it the lowest rating of 1.
At least, that's what I thought I was doing.
At the end of the festival, I started to rip another voting ballot. This time I wanted to give the movie we were watching a 5 for being exceptionally good.
I looked over and saw Marc was tearing his at the bottom, not the top.
"Wait," I said, "If we liked it, we're supposed to tear it at the top so it gets a 5."
"No, I don't think so," said my husband carefully because he knows I hate to be wrong. "The top line is for the really bad movies. The bottom line is for the really good ones."
Oops. I guess I liked "Start With Nothing" a whole lot better than I first thought.


  1. Did you watch Midway to Heaven? What did you think?

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