Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking a flying leap

I've asked my oldest daughter to take a flying leap.
And she's agreed although she admits the images of what she's agreed to do are keeping her up at night.
See, Marc and I want to do a travel feature on the new ride offered at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas. It's called the SkyJump and it involves leaping 10 stories on a sort of bungee jump apparatus to the ground 855 feet or so below.
Kristy's sons have a national gymnastics competition in Vegas the first part of February so we offered to tag along.
Kristy the jetskier
As long as we're in Sin City we figured we could take advantage of the opportunity and photograph someone jumping off the top of the casino and write a story to go along with it.
We want to be sure we have a willing participant so we asked Kristy.
Kristy the runner
She's known for being a good sport and an adventurous girl. She was in  gymnastics as a girl and competed way up on those high bar things. She was a cheerleader in high school and college and because she was small and light, she was always the one at the top of the human pyramid or being tossed in the air on the helicopter moves. (She's now actually a mother of four and just a wee bit over 30 but it hasn't slowed her down.)
I mentioned it to her and she said, "Sure!"
Then I contacted the Stratosphere people and made the arrangements.
They wanted a name to go along with the reservation and some particulars like weight and health status, etc.
So I called Kristy to make certain she was on board.
"Uh, sure. I'll do it," she said, a little less enthusiastically than the first time she'd said yes. "Now, what is it?"
I briefed her on what I knew and gave her a picture of SkyJump's ad with a lady all trussed up and grinning.
"I've been having nightmares about this," Kristy said. "But I told you I would so I will."
She calmed down a little when I explained that she wouldn't be free-falling from 1,000 feet up. She'd be securely attached to a zipline that's anchored into the earth below.
Kristy the mom
Her husband got all excited and started making plans to buy a little video camera to attach to her so we could record whatever she said on the way down and get a visual of the ground coming up at her. (The company has vetoed that!)
Her children had various reactions from "Is mom gonna die?" to "Cool. Can I do it?"
Everybody in the family is getting excited about it and it may turn out to be a family journey to see her jump.
I'm interested to see how it turns out but I'll admit, I'm starting to have some nightmares myself.
This is my beautiful baby girl, after all.

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