Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Harry Potter thingy

I finally got what I wanted for Christmas.
It arrived in the post yesterday from England, compliments of my son Derek and his British-born wife Helen who understood when I told them I wanted a toast rack.
Toast on parade
They have these all over Europe, little wire deally-whoppers that stack the toast.
I've wanted one since I first saw them the year we picked up my daughter from her mission in Scotland.
I searched the United States for one and never found what I wanted.
It was beyond Bed, Bath and Beyond's inventory.
The gift shops I purused hadn't a clue.
So when I mentioned it to Derek and Helen this past summer, they seemed amused.
I think it's a little like asking for a toilet-paper holder, not so grand a gift, more like a minor household accessory.
But they heard my plea and when I opened the battered and bruised package via the Royal Mail, there was a shiny, metal toast rack. (It had been lost for several weeks because it was addressed to the States rather than the USA.)
It's great.
I can now put my pieces of nicely buttered toast in the slots and set it on the table and add a European flavor to my breakfast meals.
When I showed it off to my daughter, she was nonchalant.
"Oh," she said, "A Harry Potter thingy!"
Apparently these have been in the Harry Potter movies all along, floating along over the banquet table in the Great Hall in Hogwart's.
I'm now on my way to check it out because I'd never noticed. How astute of the movie producers to recognize the value of these items.
That validates my need, right?

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