Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brain bounced

I'm generally not much of a thrill seeker.
I stand and analyze the makeup of a roller coaster for a long while before I trust my old bones to one.
I want to know it will hold up, stay on and not dump me out.
For that reason, I avoid the New York, New York coaster in Las Vegas because I just don't see how a single red rail will support a high-speed, crazy machine.
I won't ride the Wicked coaster in Lagoon because it seems to me it's designed to plunge right into the ground below.
So when Marc and I looked across the lake from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the Incredible Hulk roller coaster, I had no plans to take a spin.
I could see these huge green tracks going in all directions and lots of people hanging upside down in the cars.
It looked like death on wheels to me.
But to be a good wife, I agreed to "at least walk over and get a closer look."
The closer we got, the less appeal the ride had for me.
The mean, green machine
The coaster cars zoomed out of a kind of cannon structure and proceeded to twist, turn and flip in an insane manner.
I looked around and didn't see anyplace to put our camera so I graciously volunteered to sit this one out while Marc rode.
"I'll be right here," I said with a relieved smile. "We've spent too much already so we don't want to spend anymore to rent a locker."
The survivors
"Oh, but look," Marc said, pointing to a sign. "They're free!"
In a mad moment, I folded and ended up strapped in for a ride.
And whew! What a ride!
It was great. It was a rush and a scream and absolutely fun.
I liked it so much that I went again just moments later.
That might have been a mistake since my head hurt from brain bounce for quite a while later.
It took a good amount of cold ice cream to make me better.
But, may I say, wowzie!

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