Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saving money

We're into saving money these days so I have a coupon for everything.
And sometimes, they pay off.
Other times, not so much.
The other day Marc and I were going to be in Salt Lake anyway to pick up a couple of things from the Deseret News office so we decided to use a coupon on our credit card "Top Saver" list.
We'd used a few at Magleby's in Lindon and a few at the local car wash that gaves us two-for-one deals so we thought we'd try the Salt Lake ones that usually were too far away to be worthwhile.
"Christopher's Seafood and Steakhouse" read the little paper, "Buy one lunch entree and two drinks and get one free."
We googled the address and followed our GPS lady to an inner-city place that looked pretty swanky. (Usually the coupon places are fast food and drive-in joints.)
We walked in. The maitre'd/owner? welcomed us with a swoosh and seated us in a wood-paneled dining area all decked out in cut crystal and lace.
The waiter came straight over with the menus. Everything on the list was $25 or more, including salads, appetizers and desserts. Nothing came together.
We gulped.
We showed him our coupon. To his credit, he didn't waver but instead, just shrugged and went about the business of collecting our orders.
We looked around at the empty dining room. For a posh place, it was surprisingly unbusy.
Our waiter said there usually isn't much of a lunch rush but "you should see us at dinner time."
Then the maitre'd came back and asked to see our coupon.
We produced the shiny, silver card and he examined it carefully.
"You know," he said. "This isn't us so we can't honor this. This Christopher's was only here a few months and then it was gone. But we'll give you a free dessert if you want."
Sigh. Our little lunch would now cost us over $50 plus tip.
Now, to be fair, the food was absolutely delicious. The halibut I ate was the lightest and flakiest I have ever eaten with the perfect batter crust. Marc's gourmet shrimp were huge but good as well.
The Creme Brulee desserts they brought us were to die for.
And we left there thinking it's a shame that this place probably won't survive. They are tucked away in a hard-to-find location. Their prices are high and it'll take too long to make themselves known.
They should probably offer a coupon.

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