Saturday, March 5, 2011

My husband's movie date

Marc went to the movies yesterday with a cute blonde with a winning smile.
He bought her popcorn and Junior Mints and a root beer and stayed awake for the whole show — something he rarely does when I go with him.
Grandpa's date
And he tells me he and she had a most wonderful time, laughing and cuddling all the way through "Tangled."
I didn't mind. In fact, I think it was my idea since Marc hadn't gone with us when we all went and Adell was more than open to going a second time.
It's Adell's favorite show these days.
And this 5-year-old knows her shows.
She loves them and since the age of 3 has been able to switch movie DVDs in and out on the small unit in her bedroom.
She memorizes the dialogue, the songs and the stories. (Just ask her and she'll give you a blow-by-blow of any of 20 of the latest and greatest of movies.)
On the ride home, she told her grandpa she would love a movie theater in her house.
"Then I could watch all the movies," she declared.
Marc said that would be fun but then she'd miss going out to see movies with her mom and dad, her friends and us.
"That'd be OK," she said. "I still want one."

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