Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The not-so-friendly skies

It's getting harder to love traveling on airplanes.
And it's not just that it's more expensive and you have to go through the whole security checkpoint thing.
It's the serious lack of space and nourishment provided.
The last plane we lived on for our four-and-a-half hour flight to Florida had zero leg room. I could barely push my duffle bag between the seats to put under the seat ahead. And it's not a big bag.
Anytime one of us had to get out, we all three had to move into the aisle.
And the meals — which now cost between $5-$8 for a simple, bland sandwich — are infrequently offered.
I realize the airlines need to cut costs but c'mon, when your plane leaves at 7 a.m., it's unrealistic to expect passengers to go without some kind of breakfast, don't you think? Especially when landing time is a minimum five hours away.
I know you can buy something and carry it on but there's nowhere to put it until you can eat it and then it makes a mess.
I don't get how airlines figure that people can adjust and endure.
If somebody has diabetes like me, you have to eat at regular intervals.
If somebody has colitis like me, it's a bad idea to only eat carbs.
Security won't let you carry on a picnic basket of fruits and vegetables so it pretty well limits the options.
I think it's inhumane.
It's unfair and sad and downright cruel.
Plus I miss the cute little miniature servings.

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