Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's yours is mine?

So we're looking all over for Marc's missing binoculars.
They're usually in the hall closet on the top shelf next to mine. We keep two pairs around for bird-watching and kid-watching and we don't share well so we need both pairs.
Mine are smaller and they fold.
His are more industrial size.
I remembered him coming up the stairs one day with his binocs in hand and wondering why he had them. Whatever he was planning to do at the time didn't — in my mind — require having binoculars along. But Marc does his own thing most of the time and, as I could best recall, explained why he needed them for this particular trip.
That's the last we saw of the binoculars.
Now there's only one pair on the top shelf and bird-watching season is approaching so we started a full-out search.
Since I had just recently gone through and organized every closet in the house but the one in his downstairs office, I figured the binoculars had to be somewhere in his space.
We searched.
He thought about it.
We searched some more.
It became the obsession of the day.
Did he take them to a football game, a gymnastics meet, on his morning walk?
Could he have tucked them under the seat of the car or in his coat pocket? Did he take them with him to California?
Did they fall off the top shelf and into the coats and boots below?
I was really giving him a pretty hard time about it because lately he's been especially forgetful about stuff. He leaves stovetop burners on and drills out in the snow.
We were about to give it up when I went downstairs for some gift wrap which is stored next to the fanny pack I use when I bike.
I picked it up and turned around to ask Marc, "Did you leave them in your fanny pack or hooked on the strap like mine are here?"
We both stopped and stared. If mine were here, attached to the fanny pack, then whose were the binoculars upstairs in the box on the closet shelf?
Sorry Marc. Guess yours were never lost at all.
Isn't that funny?

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