Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Handy puppets

I'm making it my mission to attend all of the SCERA's puppet shows as they introduce a half-dozen local veteran puppeteers to Utah Valley.
The second in the series was the introduction of Coralie Leue on Saturday.
So far, this puppeteer is my favorite.
It's more engaging for children, especially the very young ones.
Leau has her own funny voices and appealing puppets from a sea serpent to a pirate to a beautiful, pink-haired mermaid.
And she adds a number of interactive bits that bring children on stage to work the little bird puppets, stomp and dance for the puppets with hands for hands and hands for feet, and get swallowed up by the giant snake puppets.
"What's a snake's favorite food? Kids."
This added to the emcee Marvin the monster puppet and his friendly pet "Stinky-Poo" make for an entertaining 45-minute show.
Coming up next are the "Amazing Animal Adventures" put on by Steven and Teresa Gashler and their puppet animal friends Feb. 11. The shows are cheap and make for a simple Saturday morning break.

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