Saturday, January 21, 2012

The new Girl Scout salesman

The little Girl Scout standing on my step has been taught well.
She got right to it after I answered the door.
"Do you want any cookies?" she asked rather drearily.
It was freezing outside so I invited her in.
She shook her small blond head.
"We aren't allowed inside people's homes," she recited, looking at me like I was dangerous.
"Oh, well, then. I better decide fast so you don't get too cold," I said cheerily.
She didn't smile at my remark.
I took the order form and started looking for Samoas.
"I used to sell Girl Scout cookies," I told her as I balanced the form on my hand.
She didn't say anything.
"Do I give you the money today?" I asked, marking the box that said I wanted three boxes of the yummy things. I noticed she'd already sold boxes to most of my neighbors. She was actually making quite the haul despite her tactiturn approach.
"We aren't allowed to take any money today," she said. Again the attitude that I was offering something illegal or wrong.
"Oh, then. I'll wait," I said, handing back her pen and paper.
"We bring you your order and you pay us then," she said. She didn't say when that might be.
"OK. That'll be great!" I said heartily. I personally think getting the money upfront beats having to come around to collect but I didn't want to push dollars on her.
She didn't smile but instead stepped back a bit and I swear she saluted.
"Goodbye," she said.
See ya.

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