Monday, January 9, 2012

Trickster Scrabble

Marc and I have a new game to play and it's a problem.
My son and his wife sent it to us for Christmas and so far, we've played it twice and we've had a friendly marital spat twice.
It's called Scrabble Trickster, the UK version.
Every other little square is a Trick square which means you get these little cards that allow you to do funny things like spell a word backwards, put it anywhere on the board or turn any letter over to become a blank.
Otherwise it's generally your run-of-the-mill Scrabble game, something we love to play.
I have it on my phone as a game to play when I'm standing in a long line or waiting to pick up a grandchild, etc.
We have a well-worn Scrabble travel game we play in the airport and on the airplane when we travel.
We have a Scrabble game on a lazy Susan kind of board that we play with my dad.
We're fairly serious about our games. We've both memorized the 2-letter words that get you out of a bind with "u"s and multiple "i"s.
We know words spelled with "Q" that don't require a "u."
We periodically scan the dictionary for new "Z" and "X" words. It's not unusual to score into the 300s.
And we both get kinda ticked when the other one takes advantage of a triple word opening. We tend to get majorly depressed facing a whole row of no vowels or 1-point letters.
So with this new game we have new reasons to get mad.
Especially with the card that lets you steal your opponent's last score.
I've used it on Marc twice now and it really makes him angry.
It's a triple whammy. It takes the bloom off the rose for coming up with an impressive word and score and it not only takes away but it gives to the other person. So it becomes like a 50 or 60-point turnaround.
It's a lethal blow, one I liked and he — not so much. After the last game where I had 400 points to his 165, he didn't speak for quite a while. When he did, he told me I would leave him if he ever played that card on me.
We've almost decided that one card may have to get tossed.

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