Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Year's resolutions for Marc

One of my New Year's resolutions was going to be to not pick on my poor husband so much. He's a good man and he loves me and takes care of me.
So when I was trying to think of a good starter list yesterday in church, I was disheartened to look over and find him sleeping away.
It started me on my way but I think it has me breaking my promise to myself before I've even started.
See what you think:
#1. I resolve not to get mad at him anymore for nodding off in church, or at least not SO mad. I'll poke him gently but firmly in a timely fashion. (That means I won't wait anymore until the deacon is standing by him waiting for him to wake up so he can take the bread and water. That's mean of me not to spare him that embarrassment.)
#2. I resolve not to get so irritated when he takes FOREVER to get ready to go places. I'll just sit down and knit a sweater with long sleeves while I wait.
#3. I hereby resolve not to get in his way when he's cooking because it invariably leads to a small fist fight.
I'll just go outside and work in the garden or shovel snow and not think about what a mess he's making of my kitchen or how he's using the dishtowel for a mop rag.
#4. I won't grip the side handle of the car door so hard when he's coming up too fast behind another car or push my feet through the floor when I'm pretty sure he's going to forget to brake quickly enough. I'll just close my eyes and prepare for eternity.
See the problem?
All of my resolutions depend on my dear spouse. Nothing I've resolved is achievable without some cooperation from Marc.
On the other hand, is it possible that I need to look beyond the beam in my eye?

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  1. I find I can deal better with these daily annoyances if I just think of the big picture and think 'I love him' and nothing else matters and let the issue go. I think it is us who have the issues,and so as you say we should knit or read while waiting for our partners. We can't change our spouses so we have to find the mechanisms to deal with it in our own way.
    I always keep my hubby waiting when we have an appointment and as we go through the front door, I realize I have to back in to fetch a jersey or a hat or something I forgot. I think walking past the front door is a memory jogger. So Alan always says sitting in the office chair that I must walk out the door, come back in again to fetch what I'm going to forget, then walk out again and then he'll get off his butt to take me shopping.

    My resolution this year is an important one, to phone my mother (who's turning 79 this year)every day and to take her shopping once a week.
    I gave my mom a little Tracfone SVC phone with larger buttons and keys and cancelled her cell phone contract as she was paying a fortune on it and hardly using it. She now only pays $7/month for service.
    Now that she's got this light, small phone she carries it everywhere so she can quick dial me in an emergency.
    Wishing you all the happiness and love in 2012