Thursday, January 5, 2012

Putting the house back together

It's been a strange holiday.
Not only has there been no snow to speak of which means no skiing, no sledding and no snowmen in the yard, the men and children have been home more days.
With Christmas and New Year's on Sundays, that has meant Marc (and I assume most working husbands) got the Friday before and the Monday
That's made for some additional challenges, especially in the meal making and "doing" department.
It's difficult enough to plan for the holiday meals...They have to be special. They require different ingredients than the everyday and they usually take time to prepare.
So when you add an extra day before and after, you add more "special" meals.
It also means more social planning, more mother pressure.
What to do with bored kids, bored grandkids and bored men?
Movies took up part of the time but everybody else had the same idea so we ended up on the front row stretching our necks for at least one.
Games are good if you can get the babies to cooperate. So are puzzles.
As a last resort, kids and guys can play with their Christmas toys.
For me, there's cleaning the house.
That's the great reward for enduring the shift in furniture to accommodate the tree in the living room and the debris from opened presents and parties.
As much as I like Christmas and the trinkets and twinkle that goes with it, I LOVE the sense of openness and peace that comes from putting it all away.
The sudden sense of space is a balm to my soul.
I love having the mantle clear and the piano top free for plants and hymnbooks.
I like bringing all the plants back from banishment.
I enjoy just sitting on a couch and looking at the simple furniture. I like the quiet.
Maybe in its own way, it's my rubber room.

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