Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Almost arrested

My job was simply to pick Adell up from school.
I didn't know anything about taking another little girl home with us but she barreled into Adell as soon as Adell came out of the door saying she was coming over to play with her.
I looked at my granddaughter who quickly collected her social self and said, "Sure! You can come with me and my grandma!"
I was concerned.
No one had given me any orders like this and I had never seen this little person before, cute as she was.
Take me with you
"What's your name?" I asked her as she and Adell clutched each other like bosom buddies.
"Evie! And I asked my mom!" She said.
I looked around to see if anyone appeared to be looking or waiting for Evie.
"Uh, Ok. The car's over here," I said, leading the way and wondering how much time I should take to check out Evie's story. I needed to be at another granddaughter's in Eagle Mountain in 20 minutes.
We got in the car and everybody buckled up while I called my daughter, Adell's mother.
"Know anything about a playdate with a little girl named Evie?" I asked her.
"Noooo. I don't know anything," said Kari. "And the house is a mess (she had contractors going in and out to make some simple repairs). I guess I'll figure it out."
I started to back out but hesitated when Adell yelled, "Look Evie! There's your mom! She looks like she's looking for you!"
We got out of the car and found not only a mom but an anxious aunt looking for Evie who apparently hadn't asked for specific permission to come play at Adell's, only general permission for a "someday" playdate.
Evie's mom was mad.
"Evie! Haven't I told you not to go off with strangers!" she hollered at this unrepentant smiling child.
"Uh, I wasn't sure what to do here," I said. "She told us she asked you."
I realized it sounded pretty lame so I told her my name and gave her my business card with my daughter's name and number on the back.
"Maybe you can talk with her and Evie could come tomorrow," I suggested.
She took the card but still looked at me suspiciously.
I guess it's a good thing I came to my senses before I left the parking lot with Evie.
I think child abduction is a felony.

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