Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chasing pennies

I know it borders on obsessive compulsive but when I discover what I think is a wrong billing, an overcharge or an outright financial mistake, it really bugs me until I can get it resolved.
Even when it's to my advantage.
I have to go back in the store and get the 31 cents I was overcharged or return something that didn't get discounted.
I sometimes spend an extra 10 minutes checking the receipt when it just doesn't add up in my head.
Marc usually hides out in the car while I chase down the employee who didn't believe me when I told him/her what I had picked up was on sale.
So when a charge came through my bank account twice for candy I only bought once, I had to pursue justice.
I had stopped long enough at a South Towne mall kiosk to pick up some See's chocolates for my dad and my stepmom for Christmas.
I bought two small boxes for them that came to $19.47.
I had handed over my VISA card which, for some reason, balked.
The girl tried and tried to run the charge through, finally unplugging the machine and starting over — never a good sign.
So, a couple of days later when I had two identical charges for $19.47 for a See's outlet, I reacted strongly.
I looked up the mall number and called See's.
They transferred me to See's corporate accounting who sent me back to the See's store in Draper who knew nothing about my plight.
I journeyed on until I reached a lady who said, "Oh, no! Let me see what I can do."
She called me back later and said their record showed only one transaction. She said I'd have to call my bank.
I called my bank who said I had to work it out with See's.
At this point, burning precious minutes on my cell phone and getting no satisfaction, I mentioned it to Marc.
"Let it go," he said. "You'll never get it back."
That did it. I couldn't give up now.
I called the bank back. They said I could file a dispute claim in writing.
That was in early December.
Today I got a letter in the mail telling me they had researched my claim and determined I had been double billed. They were sorry and apologized for any inconvenience I may have experienced.
Why do I somehow feel like they should have sent me chocolates?

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  1. Sharon, I will hire you to deal with my health insurance company and my flexible spending account! I think they get bonuses for NOT being helpful.