Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines to me

My husband's doing pretty well with Valentine's Day.
So far he took me to lunch at Maddox on our way to see grandkids in Logan Saturday.
He has reservations for dinner tonight at PF Chang's on our way to see more grandkids in Spanish Fork.
And he bought me a box of my favorite orange cremes from Kara's.
(I knew he was up to something when he told me not to look at the bank account for a couple of days and let me know he had to have lunch at the mall on Monday.)
In return I filled up his desk jar with candy I won't snitch from him like licorice and Hot Tamales.
He's coming along.
Years ago he'd forget once in a while and there was trouble.
He now watches our son-in-laws mess up now and then and he fears for them.
We sweet women like to be remembered.
A love note.
A special bouquet (not the Costco flowers, please).
A night out.
A night in with a movie and popcorn.
A pretty piece of jewelry.
Tickets to a concert.
A jet flight to Paris (I just threw that in to see if you were listening.)
It's all good and while there are those who think the holiday is just made up so businesses could sell chocolates and roses, it's more of an opportunity of renewal, a chance to say "I still love you."
Every wife, every mother, every girlfriend wants to feel cherished. It keeps the heart happy.
Especially when everyone around her is getting similar attention.

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