Saturday, February 18, 2012

They take a reservation...

I was having one of those hopeless conversations with the girl who answered the phone for Questar.
I told her my sad story about how I was getting charged a 77-cent late fee every time I paid my bill even though I was being more and more careful about dropping off my payment early on the due date and even the day before the due date.
I guess I'm on my soapbox.
I've written just recently about how late fees and fines etc. really drive me crazy but I have to rant. When I was assessed a 77-cent late fee in December I looked more carefully at the sign posted on the drawer at Wells Fargo Bank.
It basically told me that payments dropped off after 4 p.m. weren't counted until the next day so I paid the stupid 77 cents and vowed not to let that happen again.
The next month I was well ahead of time but this month I not only have been assessed the late fee but the bill says I haven't paid at all.
I called Questar right up and demanded to know what what going on.
The nice girl said my check didn't clear until Feb. 14, a week after I dropped it off.
I told her I was making sure I dropped it off well ahead of the time deadline.
I wondered if because I closed my Wells Fargo account maybe my bill went into a "When we get around to it" pile.
I asked her what I should do since I am paying the bill in good order but apparently Wells Fargo is messing up.
She had the answer.
"Put a stamp on it and mail it in 5-7 business days before it's due," she said.
I was speechless.
I guess my understanding of what a payment drop is and their understanding are two different things.
They can take a check but they can't process a check. I can drop it by on time but they can send it on whenever they feel like it.
I think my Questar bill just went up by the price of a stamp.

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