Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boxes with holes, funny bags

The missing piece
My granddaughter thinks I can work miracles.
So when I answered the phone the other day to find this breathless little voice asking me if I had any boxtops for her, I couldn't let her down.
Apparently, Adell's kindergarten class was collecting box tops for education from cake mixes, cereal boxes and muffin bags.
She had a little chart where she could paste 30 box tops and she only had a few squares pasted in.
"Can you give me your box tops?" she asked hopefully.
Her mother then came on the line. She needed them for school today so if I could find some, they'd pick them up on the way to school in about an hour.
No pressure there.
"Umm, sure. Let me see what I have," I said.
I grabbed the scissors and went about the house checking boxes and bags.
I found a few in my pantry. Bisquick is always good for a box top. So are some cereals of which we don't have a lot.
I headed down to the food storage shelves.
The cake mixes abounded in box tops. So did the dried potato boxes.
The muffin mixes were a gold mine.
The after-party
I clipped and cut and came up with 19 little cardboard squares which I put in an envelope along with some cookies for Adell and her sister.
Adell was thrilled and she went off happily to school, secure in the knowledge that Grandma could come through for her.
I'm now looking at lots of little boxes and bags with missing pieces.
But that's all right.
Now I know what food storage is for.

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