Friday, December 14, 2012

In retrospect

I was a little unhappy yesterday as I stood with a small band of parents and grandparents who couldn't open the doors to my granddaughter's elementary school in Taylorsville.
I was already a couple of minutes late for Emma's Christmas program because this particular school is hard to find and there's virtually no visitor parking.
I was proud of myself for A. finding the place as it's on the "wrong" side of 7200 South (7200 South becomes 7000 South without any apparent shift so it's easy to think a 7180 South would be on the north side of the main road and B. finding a place to park, albeit several blocks away.)
So it was frustrating to not be able to get in the building.
I was also anxious that Emma would be wondering why I hadn't come to see her in her role as a news anchor for the program "broadcast."
One irrepressible guy reached over and punched the handicapped door automatic entry button and, Voila!, the door opened. We all rushed in.
I said something to the office secretary after I asked for directions to the first grade Christmas program.
"You know the doors are all locked, right?" I said.
She nodded without concern.
"We're a lockdown school," she said. "Only one door on the side is routinely left open."
I stalked off a little miffed.
Why would they do that when they knew all kinds of grandparents would be trying to come see the program? Why didn't they post a sign telling us that?
Today, as I watch the horrific news about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut with 20 children dead and who knows how many traumatized, I think I get it.

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