Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You owe this much

I was hesitant to pay the doctor bill I received from one of the specialists I'd seen about my neck and back pain.
Evidently the insurance had been paying in sporadic amounts so I wasn't sure everything was settled and I hate to overpay because they tend to credit your account rather than refund and you never really see the money.
So I called the billing office of this doctor to verify the amount I apparently owed.
I left a message and today, a week later, I get this call.
"Suzann," said the lady. "I'm calling to talk to you about your bill. I'm not sure anyone got back to you when you called the other day."
I ignored the Suzann part because my husband says I sometimes mumble on the phone and I thought she heard "Suzann" when I said "Sharon."
I told her I was trying to find out if I really owed $122 or if there was any more insurance coming through.
"Oh, yes," she said. "Humana has been contacted and they said they applied the outstanding balance to your deductible."
As far as I knew, we had met our deductible months ago and we don't have Humana insurance.
I told this to the lady on the phone.
"Well, Humana paid some of the bill," she said.
"That's nice of them but we're with SelectHealth," I said.
There was a big silence.
"Spell your last name," the voice instructed.
I did.
"Tell me your birthday," she ordered.
I told her.
"What is your first name?"
I told her that too.
There was more silence.
Then she came back on the line.
"Sharon? I have your file now and yes, you owe us $122. Anything else?"
Why do I not feel reassured?

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