Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The tough decisions

You'd think that being offered a book deal would be a good thing.
How many writers out there are dying for the opportunity to get a manuscript into print and be paid some money to boot?
I was thrilled and flattered at first.
The lady on the phone explained that the guy in the marketing department picked me to author their book and the publisher was willing to give me an advance, an unusual and gracious move. Usually the author doesn't get ANY money until some books are sold.
My name would get out there and I might get further work.
The problem came after I received a copy of the contract and started counting the days until my deadline.
I had approximately 50 working days to put together 150 pages on Scouting that included photos and illustrations.
I would be starting with NO copy or sources and it's nearly Christmas so people are not in their offices.
If I worked steadily for the first two months of 2013, I might make the deadline, might.
If I didn't I would be expected to return the advance and my name would be mud with this publisher and contact.
I thought long and hard. I suffered as did my husband and my daughters who had to listen to me.
I really love to write (surprise to those of you who see me with a new blog every other day or so)!
I liked the topic and had a lot of ideas as to who I could talk with and interview.
I think I could make the book interesting, maybe even fun.
But I couldn't convince myself that I could prepare that much lively copy in two month's time.
My heart started to pound and I could feel my blood pressure rising.
I thought about how stressed I would be in a couple more weeks and the time I would have to give up with my grandchildren.
I considered what would happen to other venues, other writing ops, to Marc.
So I said "No, thank you" and "Adios" to a couple thousand dollars.
What have I done?

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