Monday, December 3, 2012

The family Christmas photo

The cold, the resistant and the bored
Marc and I agreed to help Kari and Wade take their Christmas card photo.
Actually I started shopping with my daughter weeks ago once she decided it was time for that dreaded moment in all families...a new family photo.
Mia is nearly 18 months and in the most recent group photos, she's just a baby. Her personality hadn't fully emerged. Now she's a tiny tornado.
Kari and I shopped until we found the perfect three sizes from 18 months to 7 years...
That's tough in and of itself.
They have to be pretty, affordable and something all three will deign to wear.
Then we had to find shoes...again in three sizes and in a reasonable price range.
We set a date and engaged the family photographer (Marc) since Kari and Wade's first and second choices were unavailable. He was game.
We headed up to the amphitheater on a chilly but sunny day near the Mt. Timpanogos temple which apparently was a good choice since we found seven other family groups already there.
We walked around looking for a choice location.
Marc found it — way up the steep, stone steps and off in the bushes.
Kari and I lugged the baby up and did our best to keep Hannah and Adell from slipping and falling and/or getting dirty.
We settled everyone on a bench but Mia wanted grandma.
She was cold and not sure what we were doing so she looked to me to save her. (At this juncture, I usually give her chocolate but that wasn't an option for this trial.)
The light was not going to last so we tried to hurry and keep everyone in position, gently.
Hannah didn't want to smile.
Adell wanted to smile too much.
Mia just wanted out.
Kari was trying to keep calm and Wade was trying to keep order.
It made for an interesting photo session, not unlike the kind that every family in the world works through as they try to get the little darlings together on camera.
The kids resist smiling naturally and sweetly all at once. No one dares yell.
The longer it takes, the more unrest there is.
Finally, we gave the baby an expensive Smartphone to play with and Marc shot a few pictures of the natives. Wade said he could photoshop something usable.
(If you need us to help you with your family photo, we're in the book!)

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