Saturday, June 11, 2011


Marc and I were invited to attend a premiere concert the other night.
We had to buy tickets and come in through the proper door and take our seats promptly, no fooling around or delaying.
The 5-year-old concert artists were serious about their offering.
They'd been practicing for minutes and we were the first to see them on stage: Emma and Adell.
See, Emma has a baby violin and she's been practicing every day while she's been staying with us.
Adell is very impressed and told her she should be in a band.
"You play an instrument," Adell told Emma."I wish I played an instrument. I don't play anything."
I reassured Adell that she too had talent. She can sing and she can play the piano a little and the toy flutes we have.
She wasn't totally convinced until she picked up Emma's violin and made similar sounds with the bow and violin.
That led to the planning of the concert.
They decided they would each perform a couple of numbers and a duet.
Adell sang an original song while Emma played her scales.
They both improvised and created music of a sort that only grandparents and proud parents could really appreciate.
It reminded us of a Wynton Marsalis concert we attended a while back with Marc's brother.
Just when you thought it was done and you started to clap, it began again.
Here's part of the performance!

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