Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing dodgeball at 60

One of the things that I like about my husband is his boundless enthusiasm — for life, kids, me, food, movies...the list is a long one.
He's always the first to line up for a game of driveway basketball or to jump into the pool headfirst or to try out a mean roller coaster.
So it didn't surprise me when he came home from work last week all scraped up from playing a hard game of dodgeball on the company's cement court.
Seems he leapt for the ball and got it but landed knee first on the ground, turning his foot, bloodying his knee and bruising a rib.
He came home limping but proud that he kept up with the other, younger guys. I'm sure they were impressed.
I was a little concerned because Marc has little or no feeling in his neuropathic feet so he can't really tell if he's hurt himself.
I questioned him about his injury and recommended he see a doctor to be sure he hadn't hurt it more than it appeared.
He assured me he was fine. "It doesn't hurt," he said. So how bad could it be?
Well, three days later, he took off his sock because his foot seemed a little swollen in his shoe.
It looked awful.
The toes were black. The foot was puffy and funny looking and his little toe seemed oddly configured.
I told him again I thought he ought to see a doctor.
"But it doesn't hurt," he said, trying to put on a brave face despite the ugly situation.
The next morning it looked bad enough that he finally called the doctor and went in, telling the guy he felt silly for being in his office because after all, it didn't hurt so it couldn't be broken, right?
The doctor put it well as he came in with the X-ray.
"So, do you want to see where it isn't broken?" he asked.
Turns out it is and now he's wearing a big, black boot until he can see the orthopedic surgeon.
He's surprised and a little frustrated because while the boot is a pain, "It still doesn't hurt."
I am trying not to say "I told you so" and holding back on the cute comments but I just want it noted here that I was right, huh?
Two things to remember for the future: Dodgeball when you're 60 is not a good idea and my medical degree (earned with six kids and 60 years of personal experience) should be better respected.

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