Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting past the guards

I offered to review a new movie the other day.
I saw the available assignment and before I realized it was a Monday night screening, I offered to attend, thinking Marc and I could get out on a Saturday night for a relatively painless event.
Then I looked closer to find it was not only on a night Marc couldn't go but it was in the Gateway center in Salt Lake.
No big deal.
I simply coerced my long-suffering daughter to go with me, offering her a night away from the kids and a free chick flick.
We did just fine until we hit the theater.
We had no problem with freeway traffic. We got safely parked. We found the theater.
We also found a milling crowd and signs that said "Something Borrowed" is sold out!
I wasn't worried because I had replied to the computer message from Emily Something-or-other that I was indeed coming and after all, I was representing the Deseret News, right?
I told this to the guy at the front of the ticket line.
He looked puzzled. "I'll go get Fred," he said, or something like that.
Fred came over and chirped, "Oh, yes, I'm supposed to let reviewers in but I left my list at home. I'm just filling in for Emily. Wait here."
We waited and we waited which is difficult for Kari since she's nine months pregnant.
We looked at all the people in line behind us and hoped Fred was making pertinent phone calls.
Pretty soon, things started to move. Some people went through the rope and around the ticket stand and started muttering.
The lobby manager came over to ask what we were waiting for.
I told him.
He said, "Oh, if you're a reviewer, you should be all right. Wait here."
We waited some more.
Now it was getting late and I was starting to get mad. My daughter hates it when I cause a scene so I tried to behave but honestly, this was frustrating and still no sign of Fred.
Finally, a guy came brushing past us and waved to the ticket taker.
"I'm press," he said as he moved down the hall.
"Wait!" I said. "I'm press!"
The ticket taker looked at me. "You are? Well, then go on ahead," she said, adding, "You didn't need to have waited."
Inside we found Fred. He said "Hi," and asked me to be sure and give him a statement after the show.
No apology. No explanation as to why he never returned to fetch us.
I wonder if his lack of professionalism and attention to detail affected my review of the show in any way?
Something Borrowed review

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