Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A tree in the drink

Last year, we all stood on the beach at Bear Lake and lamented the lack of water.
The lake was so far out and the water so far down that we had to trudge long distances to reach the beach.
We had to park our shademakers and canvas chairs right down next to the waves if we wanted to be ready to march into the water when the Jet-skis were launched.
We all griped about how tough it was.
This year, it's a whole new problem.
The beach that was, isn't.
Trees growing in H2O
There's no sand between the water and the shore, unless you count the sand imported by Ideal Beach Properties that served as a beach a decade ago.
The homes that boast of having beachfront property now have water just off their porches.
The trees that have grown in the sand are now clear out in the lake, looking sort of funny and very vulnerable.
It will make for an interesting recreational year for families like ours who traditionally spend a week playing in the water.
We'll have to watch out for tree branches and grass getting tangled in our wave-runners.
We won't be able to take the little kiddles clear down to the water to make sand castles. We'll have to adapt and play more games inside.
Instead of sandy beaches to play in, we'll have to learn enjoy walking in muck.
We can drive over to the North Shore and pay $5 to play on the public beach but that seems a shame since we have beach privileges on the Ideal Beach side just outside our condo.
It'll require some adaptation and creative thinking, some sacrifice and loss.
How rude of Mother Nature to do this.

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