Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Hover Guy

Marc and I received a little card in the mail from R.C. Willey telling us we had money to spend.
All we had to do was to go to one of the stores and find something for $10.
Now, I'm no dummy. I realize there's nothing to buy at this fine store for only $10 and the card with free money is really a gimmick to get me in the showroom.
But I'm a sucker for a freebie and thought it was at least worth a try.
Maybe I could find something for $25 or $30 and look at it as getting $10 off.
(I once found a really nifty camera case for about $50 when I had a $25 gift card.)
We had a little time a few days ago while we were visiting in Salt Lake so I convinced Marc to stop at the outlet with me.
"Look around," I suggested. "Maybe there's a banana chair or one of those kid-size recliners on sale."
He started walking around — not an easy feat right now since his foot is broken and in a boot.
I met him at the CD sale table but by then he'd picked up a salesman.
This guy wanted to know what we were looking for.
I told him we had a little cash to spend and just wanted to browse.
Not taking the hint, he pushed. "Anything in particular you'd like to see?" he asked.
"Oh, maybe a banana chair or a small-size child's recliner," I offered, trying to get away.
He scoffed. "We haven't had those for years," he said, "but here are our banana chairs."
I stepped over and surveyed the inventory.
Marc came with me. So did the sales guy.
We looked them over but for some reason, Marc was a little testy now. The sales guy was two feet away, staring at us hard.
We went back to the CDs. Some were within our $10 price range but Marc was disinterested, not really looking seriously at any of them. He was getting kind of angry, even.
"Maybe this wasn't a good idea," I said, "I didn't think about your foot."
"It's not my foot," he said with a significant look at me.
I looked behind him. The sales guy was hot on his heels. He was hovering and intent. He really wanted to sell us something. He was obviously committed to earning his commission.
So much so that he drove us to a premature albeit unsatisfying shopping decision.
"We are outta here," Marc said.
Anyone need a $10 gift card?

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