Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding our digs

Usually when we travel to Bear Lake we know exactly where we're going.
Since we own a sliver of a timeshare we have a condo at Ideal Beach that is made available to us every year for a king's ransom.
This past weekend, we were winging it.
I had found a fairly reasonable rate for a place online where we had never stayed.
The trouble began when we started to look for it.
Not where we stayed
The only address I had was "Marina #6" at Harbor Village.
Having stayed and eaten at Harbor Village in years past, I wasn't worried and didn't do the Internet Mapquest thing although I know better.
We drove to Harbor Village. The posh restaurant we remembered was closed up. The formerly classy units were now run down. There was no business office apparent.
We drove around finding signs that said "Private! Stay out!" and other friendly warnings.
We looked carefully at our home printed receipt. It listed the place as a Bear Lake Properties rental.
Not where we stayed
The Harbor Village we remembered
We looked them up on Marc's smart phone and tried to drive to the address for the office downtown.
"Downtown" again in Garden City, we finally found the office back behind a bunch of souvenir shops and the post office.
The lady in charge gave us keys, tried to draw us a map and we headed back out.
This time we drove up and around and down and around and back again around Harbor Village. We found private homes and condo units with chains on their gates and defunct rentals. We found some friendly deer.
Finally we settled for a bunch of somewhat tired-looking condo units in a pink building with garages on the bottom and no way up to the living space.
Number 6 was painted on the garage door in front of us but there were no stairs or elevators apparent.
I went up the south side and Marc went to the north. I found grass, lots of brick steps and a scenic view. He found stairs, four flights. He trundled down to #6 and tried his key which fit.
I started toting luggage clear down the way, up the stairs and south again.
It was our place for sure, an okay condo with a patio view of Bear Lake and five working remotes (what more can a man ask for?).
So it worked out. We got our exercise every time we went in or out and we learned a lesson.
Also not where we stayed
Never assume people who build condo units or rent condo units do things in a way that makes any sense.

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