Friday, May 11, 2012

Broken boy's bones

Pictures borrowed from Adrienne's blog
Max has had a run of bad luck where his bones are concerned.
He's had three mishaps with the same leg, same place and still keeps on trucking.
First his dad was carefully taking him down the stairs and fell with him, bruising both his dad and Max's ankle.
Then he fell over running around the house and broke the same ankle. (It took a while for his parents to notice and get him to a doctor because he's an active boy and the fall was no biggie. Who knew you could break a bone just slipping on the wood floor?)
Now he's fallen over on his bike onto the cement and rebroken the leg again and anew. (You'd think the new mend would be stronger and harder to break, huh?)
He's fairly philosophical for such a lucky boy.
He knows he has to put up with about six weeks of working with a cast and crutches before he's good to go again.
He isn't a complainer but then again, he's only 6 and he lives in a house with the bedrooms up a steep flight of stairs so this may not be the last cast.
He has a cheerful outlook and he'll show you his cool, blue cast anytime.
It's just a bit hard on his parents both to see him hurt and to have to lug him around from place to place. It's also making it tough to finish the school year.
I told his mother she ought to keep a collection of his boots and casts to put in a pile at his mission farewell as a testament to exuberant living.

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