Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The phantom English bunnies

Marc's been vindicated.
A few years ago, as we whizzed through England on our way to France, he looked out the train window and said he saw little English bunnies sitting on the fencelines.
He described them as fat, little bunnies sitting on their haunches at every post.
He told me to watch for them.
I did.
And I never saw any English bunnies.
I saw cows and sheep and the occasional goat.
I saw lots of rolling, green countryside and picturesque country farms but no bunnies.
It became kind of a running joke between he and I. Whenever I couldn't immediately see what he was seeing or talking about, I'd cleverly tell him it was "just like the English bunnies?"
I never tired of teasing him about it.
He, of course, never really saw the humor in my attitude.
He was slightly offended that I doubted his word.
I just figured he'd seen a bush or a small rock that looked like a bunny shape.
Even on this last trip, we had gone bunny-less for most of the trip until...we were on the train from London to Gatwick.
Just as we began to pull into the outskirts of the town, I noticed these dark bumps in the fields.
One of them sort of hopped over to another one.
They were bunnies! Glossy, brown bunnies who sat back on their haunches and watched the train go by.
They were everywhere, by the fence, back from the fence, under the trees.
It was amazing and I'm left wondering: How did Marc arrange that?

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