Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Copping out

Policemen like Marc.
Instead of arresting him for bad behavior or giving him tickets for speeding, they just wave and beep at him and go their way.
Yesterday it happened again.
We were coming down the road that I drive often on my way to our granddaughter's, a road notorious for cops who like to give tickets.
Marc was driving his usual 5-15 miles over the speed limit when the policeman coming our way started flashing his lights.
I figured we were done for when the officer put his hand out the window and made a pushing kind of motion to get Marc to slow down (which he did).
Marc was relieved and toed the line for the next little while.
I was relieved too because a $100 fine would be bad for the household budget.
But I was also fairly ticked.
Why? Why? Why does he get away with this and I don't?
This is the third time in a row that he's been let off the hook while I get the tickets, the points and the opportunity to attend traffic school.
(We were stopped on our way to the Mt.Timpanogos Temple for going over the 25 mph limit and the policeman simply said, "Don't let it happen again. Enjoy your session.")
(We were speeding home from St. George and passing a patrol car when the trooper whooped his siren to encourage Marc to back it off.)
I do not understand what is happening here.
I drive around trying to keep my eyes open for cops. I even try to drive the speed limit although cars behind me get mad and sometimes speed around me in serious frustration.
I know where the trouble spots are and I religiously obey the traffic laws.
I stop at stop signs. I don't go through red lights. I don't tailgate and I generally avoid running over pedestrians and into parked cars.
Marc, meanwhile, cuts the corners, drives 80-85 mph on the freeway, misses an occasional stop sign and runs through yellow lights that are suspiciously reddish.
He gets away scot-free.
I get busted.
Where's the justice? And what's his secret?

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