Monday, May 28, 2012

Value those class reunions

Years ago, there were 13 of us who hung out together.
We did the sleepover bit. We had parties and social time.
We even took at least one picture together.
Now, more than 40 years after graduation, 43 to be exact, we're trying to remember who the 13 were and where they all are today.
We know some of the gang but we've lost several.
To be fair, we've been busy.
We're all mothers and grandmothers now. One of us has 63 grandchildren.
The way we were
We're trying to get together because Margo Parker McLea has terminal lung cancer and it just feels like we ought to gather and go out to Oklahoma to say a decent goodbye. (I suppose we could all go to her funeral in a couple of months but what's the good in that?)
We're aiming for the third week in June so we can see her while she's still feeling like herself and can benefit from a mass visit.
And you'd think with Facebook and Twitter and cell phones and Skype we could find everyone in the group.
But first we have to remember who was in the group...
I came up with 16 names the first time around.
Another friend reminded me we had several guys who were of the group but not in the group so we need to include them.
We have to figure out the married names that go with the names we used in high school.
We seem to be pretty much scattered across America so the only thing we really know for sure is everybody went to Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls and graduated in 1969.
After that it gets kinda fuzzy.
We've found Christi Byrd Williams, Paula Hall Brown, Karen Duncan Schellenberg, Annette Wirkus Scott, Jann Miskin Sommers, Doug Knapp, Chuck Sheen, Gael Nield and me.
We're missing Chris Flora Maddox, Robyn Johnson Love, Fran Bybee Sweeney, Shauna Erb ??, Marva Judd Williams, Linda Blake ??, and Sheryl Schwantes.
Anyone out there who can help?

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  1. Well, I googled myself and found out I was missing! I usually have a pretty good memory so I was surprised!
    I am happily divorced again so now back to Bybee, Fran when is our next reunion? I will ask Cathy where Chris Flora is! I am on facebook