Thursday, May 24, 2012


There were a number of things I expected from the Utah Cultural Arts Heritage FAM Tour: spectacular sights, good food and miles of sitting on a motor coach.
But what I didn't expect were several surprises like finding Amy Whitcomb of "Delilah" fame on the stage in Spring City, meeting a 92-year-old step-on guide who only knows four chords but can still sit in with a back-of-the-bus band and hold his own.
I've heard old Mormon stories that I thought I knew told with some interesting variations and new facts. Did you know the settlers in Parowan walked over the deep snow by tossing quilts ahead of them to keep them from falling through?
Were you aware that Butch Cassidy has reportedly been buried or sighted in nearly every town from  here to Bolivia?
And did you know the sprinklers in the new garden park across from the Manti temple are timed to come on just as you get a whole bunch of reporters and tourists seated in the amphitheater?
There's that and more.
I can hardly wait to get home to a reliable WiFi and get to writing.

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