Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camper man

A few months ago when Marc came home to tell me he was being sent to Woodbadge, I laughed.
Marc is a lot of things; funny, enthusiastic, generous, outgoing, willing to try about anything and competitive; but an outdoors guy he is not.
He prefers a bed up off the rocks, hot showers and good food prepared in a clean kitchen.
He really hates being without his smartphone, his computer and his TV.
But for our stake president he would do this.
The happy camper
He'll do what he's asked to do as a member of the stake high council.
However, he maintained a degree of denial throughout most of the summer.
"You'll need a scout uniform and everything," I said, concerned about how our tiny budget would cover the costs.
"Oh, no. They won't make you buy all that stuff just for a couple of weekends," Marc said. "I'll be fine in my regular clothes."
$200 later and with four pair of borrowed scout socks, he's out the door.
We've bought shirts, including a great tie-dyed official scout T-shirt he's willing to wear, and pants and an air mattress and hiking boots.
We've raided the 72-hour kits for a Leatherman, a water bottle, a dry-fast towel, a flashlight, and a backpack.
We pulled out a sleeping bag from years gone by and decided his ski jacket liner would serve as a coat in the woods.
He's almost ready.
His new scout pants are hemmed.
His patches are sewn on.
He has his trusty hiking hat, bug repellent and sun screen.
All he needs now is a smile!

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