Monday, August 8, 2011

My brother's good luck

My brother and his wife were actually lucky last Saturday when they totaled their car on the freeway.
They didn't die.
The gas tank was almost empty so it didn't explode.
The accident wasn't their fault and the other driver was insured.
So now although they're waiting to get their personal items out of their smashed-up SUV and trying to find their way home to Boise and their outdoor spa in a rental car, they're counting their blessings.
Neither one was seriously injured.
Daredevil Darrell
My brother has a nice case of whiplash and my sister-in-law will probably suffer some post-traumatic stress as she relives hitting the brakes to avoid the cars in slowing in front of her and realizing the car behind her wasn't going to stop at all.
In fact, the driver didn't even appear to notice she needed to stop until it was too late. She just bashed into them going about 60 miles per hour.
It made for a messed up weekend following the kind of week that makes one think somebody has a voodoo doll out and is pushing in the big pins.
Darrell had already had a flame-out on one of the engines on the jumbo airplane he flies for Atlas Air — right after he landed at the airport.
He'd had a birdstrike a couple of days before.
So it didn't really surprise him when he and his wife found themselves involved in the freeway collision but he's shook nonetheless.
This guy is a fighter pilot used to narrowly escaping disaster at super speeds. He has the kind of stories to tell that involve all kind of potentially fatal consequences.
It seems incongruous that he gets hurt on the ground while his wife is driving and doing everything right. It hardly seems fair.
On the other hand, how many times can the guardian angels intervene before it looks obvious?

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