Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking care of business again and again

We were at the McDonald's in American Fork for lunch.
I was minding the 3 and 5-year-old while their mommy took care of the baby.
I'm college-educated, over 50 with years of fast food experience.
How hard could it be?
I stood with the kids checking out the menu while they checked out the available toys for the Happy Meals.
"What do you want?" I asked Adell. "The girl one!" she said. "Da girl un," echoed Hannah in true little sister fashion.
Then they took off for the playland.
I  stepped up to the counter and ordered; chicken nuggets, root beer, the new healthy snack apples and toys.
I was specific. "I WANT the toys in the meals," I said, noting the sign that said you could opt out if the kids are too young to know they shouldn't swallow toys.
I took a number and headed to the table, way over by the playland.
I set down our stuff and returned to pick up napkins (lots) and straws (extra for Hannah because she bites her until it won't stay open then gets mad).
I went back and asked the worker girl for barbecue sauce.
Next I picked up the order and brought it to the table.
We eagerly opened the sacks. No toys.
"Wait," I said before the girls could dissolve into tears. "They just forgot. I'll go get them."
I returned to the counter indignant and the worker girl obligingly threw in Smurfs.
I took them to Adell and Hannah.
"Ohhhh, I didn't want this one!" Adell cried, holding up a warrior Smurf. "And I didn't want apples!"
I returned to the counter.
"She wants a girl Smurf and fries," I said and waited.
The girl went to the back. She dug around in a box. Other employees gathered around her and started digging with her.
Fifteen minutes later with other customers starting to get indignant behind me, the worker girl held up a blond Smurfette in triumph.
"Here. The last one!" she said, flashing me a look. and handing me fries.
I figured I could talk Hannah into accepting a warrior Smurf so I took it back to the table.
The girls were happy. We started to eat. Peace reigned in the land.
"Grandma!" said Adell after a minute. "Where's the ketchup?" (Not for her fries but for the nuggets.)
Worker girl, watch out, here I come again.

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