Thursday, September 1, 2011

Horsing around

My husband is really tired right now so it's a good thing we're taking a vacation this next week.
It may be from horsing around, floating by at work and sleeping under the stars for six days, who knows?
It's been an interesting past couple of weeks given that, as a rule, Marc doesn't ride horses, raft rivers or camp out.
But the people who hired him for a commercial didn't seem to care that their 60-year-old cowboy has only ridden horses on the occasional vacation.
They cast him anyway to sit on a big, brown equine animal for a few hours and shout "Are ya coming?" to the lady actor on top of the building.
Then the management of the marketing department at his job decided they wanted to show the out-of-town guests the thrills of rafting the Provo River, never mind that no one had any real experience rafting.
Marc ended up rowing and tugging and jumping in and out of the water for the afternoon. He came home all wet and invigorated and exhausted.
Add that to the fact that he'd been at Woodbadge training for the past couple of weekends and he's a worn-out guy.
He's learned a lot and he doesn't regret much of it, except maybe the being away from me. (Right? Right?)
He hasn't had any time lately to be bored with his routine. Every day is a new adventure.
And he's finally got some use out of his cowboy boots bought years ago for another gig and he's now the proud owner of a fine-looking Scout uniform.
He has all kinds of new aches and pains.
Jet-skiing and hiking and biking at Bear Lake will seem pretty tame this time around.

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