Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping my glasses with me

Hard though it is to admit, I'm now one of those old ladies with glasses on a chain that hang from her neck.
I never thought I'd get there but somehow here I am.
Since I often lose my glasses, I've decided it's time.
I've tried really hard to avoid it.
I make sure I ALWAYS put my glasses in one of "three" places: in my purse in their little container, in the kitchen drawer or in the plastic tray in the bathroom...unless I'm busy and put them down when I'm holding or changing the baby ('nuff said?), holding the toddler (who loves to grab them) or reading stories to an older child and I can't see the text.
Sometimes I put them in the meds holder at breakfast or lay them on the arm of the chair if I'm trying to read something in my planner. Once in a while I put them on the desk by my computer or on the ledge in the laundry room.
Marc had gotten so he doesn't even blink when I announce "I can't find my glasses. Just a minute."
I generally end up searching all kinds of odd places for them because they're no-frame lenses so they are really hard to see on surfaces like our granite counter top or on the floor (if they've dropped off the chair arm or couch seat).
It's an exercise that always makes me panic because I don't want to pay another $400 for a new pair and I can't drive without them.
So I acknowledged the situation and went to the store for a chain. I forked over $10 for a nice chain made of little blue rocks and fit my glass temple pieces into the rubber fittings.
I put them over my head.
Hmm. They felt funny and made me look like my grandma.
But I figured I just needed to get used to the feeling.
So I wore them for a few days. Now the glasses are within reach.
However, they bump into all kinds of things and catch on other kinds of things.
And I'm starting to take them off — chain and all — when I want to read, relax or focus.
So now here I am, looking the part and my age.
The only difference is now when I lose my glasses, I lose my glasses chain too.

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