Friday, September 30, 2011

How quickly we forget

It's hard for me to believe how many years it's been since we were all glued to our television stations watching the OJ Simpson trial.
I remember waiting anxiously the day of the expected verdict to either post "Guilty!" or "Free to go" on the Deseret News electronic sign hung outside the Utah County Bureau office.
There was no need to add "Simpson" or "OJ" to the message. We knew everyone watching our message would know exactly who and what we meant.
Now, it's tough to remember the details other than the blood-shrunk glove that wouldn't fit onto OJ's hand and Marcia Clark's new hairdo.
I remember that it was a brutal slaying and one that pretty clearly told a tale of who-dunit.
I remember being outraged as a nation as Simpson oiled his way through his fishy story and away from having to take responsibility for his crimes.
I wouldn't have thought the day would come when the case wasn't on people's minds or when pictures of Nicole wouldn't be on every newsstand magazine cover.
But it has.
As Marc and I reviewed the latest Desert Star stage offering "Legally Brunette: Not All Dumbs Are Blonde," we were surprised at how many jokes no one in the audience seemed to get, jokes based on the trial and the testimony and the crimes.
I think most of the audience just didn't know what the jokes were about.
And while I personally don't think what OJ did or didn't do isn't exactly hilarious material, some of the bits should've played better.
The whole ordeal seems to have been securely put in the past, swept under a big rug with all the hideous details blurred by time.
Perhaps it's a good thing.

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