Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back in business

I've always been cowardly when it came to computers.
It's kind of like being around horses for me. I believe they can smell fear and will take advantage when they do.
So I mostly go along trying not to upset the balance of the computer universe.
I don't usually add the patches and upgrades I should.
I try not to mess with buttons that go to places I'm not sure I want to go.
So when trouble arises, I call on my husband who is fearless where machines and technology are concerned.
He can fix the problem but I can't bear to watch.
He drives around the screen and through the programs with abandon, trying this and that until he finds a solution.
The guy at The Deseret News who fixed my email problem is the same way.
He simply diagnosed the situation as "Entourage sometimes gets its back up" and started the process of shutting down my existing program.
He said the best way to solve my problem was to eliminate the program entirely and start afresh.
I tried not to gasp as he deleted and cleaned and resolved.
He went here and he went there, stopping to add upgrades along the way with no pause.
(I had a bunch of upgrades waiting to be installed because I'd rather use "Ask Later" than attempt something new.)
He adjusted some parameters and put stuff into folders and retrieved the email I hadn't been getting.
He bookmarked a page for me so I could get it myself in the future if Entourage develops another headache.
I was impressed and oh, so grateful.
But I remain afraid. These computers, upon which we depend for our daily bread, can't be trusted.

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