Friday, September 2, 2011

Top picks at Storytelling Festival

Just a quick note here.
We popped in for the "Look Who's Talkin'" event last night at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and heard almost all of this year's storytellers.
(Bruce Lindsay had to do the 10 o'clock news so he wasn't in the lineup.)
Here are my top picks if you get the chance to go:
Willy and Maynard
The Donald
Willy Claflin and his sidekick Maynard Moose are hilarious and a refreshing kind of story with Maynard making great faces (for a stuffed animal) and even better noises as he dies, thwoops, and thwumps.
Donald Davis, as always, is the consummate storyteller with his Southern twang and indignified body language and expression.
Sheila Starks Phillips was amazing and highly entertaining as she told the story of the lady trying to get a turkey vulture festival going.
They are my top three but are closely followed by Beth Horner — back with a truly engaging brain-boggling story of how her mother's mind works.
Kevin Kling
Kevin Kling is an unassuming but powerful teller who doesn't let his physical challenges keep him from telling wonderful tales about baseball and growing up.
Mitch Capel has a really nice delivery, rhythmic and funny as does Charlie Chin.
Antonio Rocha has this elastic face and remarkable range of voice.
The festival started last night and goes through Saturday evening with funny stories, scary stories and the chance to try your hand at recording one of your own.
If we weren't headed to Bear Lake for the week, I wouldn't miss it. (Maybe I can sneak back for more Maynard Moose on Saturday afternoon!)

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