Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinosaurs in the zoo

I was interested to see the dinosaurs at Hogle Zoo.
Last I heard dinosaurs were extinct and so, nearly, was Hogle Zoo.
So when a couple of grandkids and I trucked up there a couple of days ago, I looked expectantly for the prehistoric creatures.
There they were, plastic-and-wire-saurs behind nearly every bush and tucked in among the rocks.
They roared. They moved. They hissed.
And they spit water.
(Watch out for the one nearest the Lion drinking fountain. He's the worst.)
They liven up the place I guess.
But they also frighten the beejeebees out of the little kids.
They're going along expecting to see the baby elephant or the rhino behind the glass or the shrieking funny monkeys when all of a sudden they hear this beastly roar.
Many of the tiny ones I saw ran crying back to their mommies.
Some of the ones who got wet were inconsolable.
A few mentally-challenged kids refused to even walk past them.
One guy just laid down on the pavement and refused to peek at the giant Tyrannosuarus Rex out by the cat cages.
Others had to be carried on past.
I know the zoo has to go with whatever looks like it will bring in new money and new guests.
I feel their pain.
It has to cost a lot to feed those elephants and tigers and rhinos and then to pay people to clean up the mess.
But fake scary Jurassic Park animals that don't exist any longer and that defy explanation?
Creatures that cry "Boo!" in an otherwise placid setting?
It doesn't seem to be working all that well.

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