Friday, August 26, 2011

Painting the town

Whilst my husband is away, I've been painting the town — or at least the Barbie bedroom.
I've noticed for a while now that the bedroom we've dedicated to little granddaughters and the occasional brave grandson is a bit tired.
It's had its share of use as the Barbies and Kens have held balls, attended weddings and pool parties.
It needed a complete redo.
So while Marc is at Woodbadge for two long weekends it seemed the perfect time to buy buckets of pink paint and attack.
I decided to refresh the dresser and the toy box and the bookcase as well.
I spent long hours spackling all the tiny holes in the wall left by my daughters who used the bedroom years before and needed posters and puzzles on every square inch of space.
I dug off the gum adhesive that held stars on the ceiling.
Because it's a small room I grouped the furniture in the middle and worked around the edges.
Instead of a ladder I used a rickety chair to reach the ceiling and high places.
It was going pretty well until yesterday when I was rolling paint up around the ceiling fan.
I was trying to tape off the separation between the walls and the ceiling and couldn't quite reach.
I leaned and stretched but because the bed was in the way I couldn't quite get it.
I took the chair around to the other side and leaned way, way far that my feet slid out from under me (I was, after all, painting in my sox) and I fell over.
Over the back of the chair and neatly over into the bed onto the dolls, the drawers and other assorted items I'd put there for temporary housing under a plastic tarp.
I checked myself out. Nothing broken. I was smack in the middle of the drawers and the dolls.
I was lucky except I couldn't get any purchase to get out of the bed.
The tarp was slick and I was flat on my back in the middle of the bed and couldn't reach anything with which to haul myself up. At one point I figured I'd just have to wait two days until Marc came home.
I slithered. I slid. Finally I hinged my feet over the bedrails and pulled myself up enough that I could flip to the side and slide out through a small space between the dresser and the toy box.
It turned out to be not so much a crisis as a dumb moment but my advice for other grandmas who want to be ambitious and repaint a room?
Do it with a buddy.

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