Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singing out of turn

I was trying to be a supportive singer, do my part and all that.
The pretty red-haired lady at the front of the room was singing a familiar Primary song so I chimed right in.
We were at my granddaughter Alyson's baptism in Eagle Mountain.
We were gathered in the Relief Society room and the program had proceeded nicely.
We had an opening song that this red-headed lady led followed by a prayer and a talk by one of Alyson's brothers.
The same red-headed lady then stood at the front of the room and began to sing "I Love to See the Temple."
I lustily sang with her and was just getting warmed up when I noticed my daughter frantically trying to get me to stop.
Others in the room were looking at me strangely as well.
I faltered and wondered if I was off-key or had sung the wrong words since we were singing without songbooks.
I carried on for another verse before I realized what Kristy was trying to tell me.
"It's a solo, mom, her solo! Don't sing! Stop singing!"
I wondered why she wasn't waving her arms this time around.